Haiti Prime Minister and Minister of Health Honor Tulane, 11/9/17

TU-CGHE had collaborated with Haiti Ministry of Health to train Health Officers. The program was designed with close collaboration of Tulane-Ethiopia. Christine Duchatellier, previous Country Director of Tulane- Haiti Project said " Today was a great day for us!  Finally all our 280 health officers were nominated by Minister of Health.  They are officially employed and working and going to support the Haitian Health system".

Microsoft, Wollo & Tulane University Opens App-Factory Academy

Wollo University in collaboration with Tulane University, Center for Global Health Equity and Microsoft-4Afrika has developed an innovative App-Factory Academy for young professionals to enroll and develop critical skills needed to innovate and maintain application software systems (e-health and m-health). This program is intended for highly motivated individuals that have successfully completed their undergraduate level studies from Wollo University in the last three years in computer science, information technology, information systems, software engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering or related fields. Female candidates and those individuals who are familiar with Microsoft software development environments are encouraged. Selected candidates for the App-Factory Academy will be provided with professional mentorship, introduced to new technologies and undertake projects for six months in order to gain knowledge, skills and techniques essential to develop/maintain real-life applications in the heath sector.


Tulane Attended EPHA Annual Conference

Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is holding its 28th Annual Conference in Harar Town. The Conference, which is being held from 19th-22nd February 2017, has the main theme of ‘Public Health Challenges and Responses in Ethiopia: Opportunities and Prospects’.

State Minster for FDRE’s Ministry of Science and Technology, H.E. Prof. Afework Kassu, President of Harari Peoples National Regional State, H.E. Mr. Murad Abdulhadi; Tulane CGHE Director, Dr. Wuleta Lemma; EPHA President, Dr. Fikreab Kebede; Harari Regional Health Bureau head, Ato Mohammed Ahmed; Country Director CDC Ethiopia, Dr. Jeffery Hanson and other distinguished guests have been attending the conference along with the numerous association members and delegates and representatives from partner and supporting organizations and institutions.

As part of the conference schedule  distinguished guests, delegates and representatives of different organization have visited Tulane supported sites where Tulane developed and implemented eHealth and mHealth software applications played a major role in information revolution in the region and across the country. The conference participants have expressed appreciation by the software functionalities and how it has improved the works of the health professionals.



Tulane Provided Technical Assistance to Africa CDC

The preeminent CDC, based in Atlanta, Georgia, announced to provide the Africa CDC with technical expertise and advice that includes establishing an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) within the AU headquarters located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and possible future expansion to at least five regional sites. Following the announcement CDC has mandated Tulane University Center for Global Health Equity to provide technical assistance in order to envisage the establishment of the Africa CDC. Thus through the generous funding from CDC Foundation in order to kick start the establishment of the Africa CDC and later utilizing other matching funds through CDC.

Tulane has successfully executed a range of activities leading to the establishment of the envisaged center. All activities involve active participation of experts and the leaderships of the AU, CDC and Tulane. Experts composed of architects, civil engineers, IT experts, public health and field epidemiologists experts, EOC experts assembled together to perform the tasks that have resulted in the establishment of state-of-the-art EOC that is equipped with vitalization technologies including large capacity servers , workstations and office space for experts.


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