Africa CDC

As part of the Global Health Security initiative, in 2015 Tulane University, Center for Global Health Equity was funded by US-CDC to provide technical assistance for the establishment of the Africa CDC. Tulane supported the execution of the first phase that established the following areas of the Africa CDC; Emergency Operations Center main room, incidence manager office, IT Room and Briefing /Training conference hall. The establishment includes support to deploy a state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center (EOC) within the African Union headquarters located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and possible future expansion to at least five regional coordination sites with the necessary infrastructure for electronic communication and the application of Information Technology including monitoring and visualization technologies.



The TenacareeHMIS/PHEM is one of the national components of the holistic approach to modernize national health information system.

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Tulane CGHE designed and implemented the best Electronic Health Record System throughout the country.

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