Post-graduate MSc Level Training program in Biostatistics and Health Informatics

Cognizant of the need of professionals who manage the country’s health information in order to facilitate evidence-based decision making at all levels of the health sector; TU-CGHE provided technical assistance to Mekelle University and the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) in order to develop a new Post-graduate training program in Biostatistics and Health Informatics and launched in April 2010 at Mekelle University.

The objective of the training program was to provide Ethiopia’s Health Care System, a new breed of professionals who combine the unique skills in Biostatistics with Health Informatics. Tulane has also provided technical and material support as well as establishing a Learning Resource Center and teaching faculties as well as teaching and learning materials. So far the third cohorts, a total of 70 students, have graduated and taken their position within the Public Health sector, Universities and research centers.


The TenacareeHMIS/PHEM is one of the national components of the holistic approach to modernize national health information system.

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Tulane CGHE designed and implemented the best Electronic Health Record System throughout the country.

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