Health Monitoring and Evaluation Master’s training program





The program in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for the Health sector was initially established with PEPFAR funding at the request of the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) by Tulane University Center for Global Health Equity (TU-CGHE) in collaboration with Jimma University and ENSP/FIOCRUZ (Brazil).

First of its kind in Africa and the second in the world, the MSc in M& E has so far produced over 184 graduates both national and international students. Since its inception, this joint program has now received a full global recognition under the American Evaluation Association as the only M&E internationally certified program in Africa.

The introduction and subsequent implementation of this innovative program has shown that it is a highly cost-effective approach in building a sustainable capacity as opposed to sending students abroad. Interestingly, the international recognition in mind, brain drain has also been reduced as each trainee is provided the quality program in country and signs a two year contract to work in the public health system thereafter.

Institutional support to Jimma University included development of a full-fledged curriculum and joint appointment of academics. The program has gone from strength to strength from its inception and in 2015 the program is its eighth and ninth student cohort classes.

The Second Phase of the MSc in M&E
In order to increase the course’s reach TU-CGHE has supported Jimma University to cover all course content in e-learning materials with the aim of establishing a distance education for this particular subject. The distance course will extend training opportunities to a much larger audience from the government and NGO/FBO community. The distance learning course will be linked to the International Institute of Evaluation. The instructional design methodology is underway through collaboration and close working relationship between Tulane University and Brazil. In order to diversifying the course audience and increasing its reach, TU-CGHE and Jimma University have been jointly working to develop and deliver shorter distance learning courses, which will be available of 2017.

Institute of Evaluation
To establish and encourage sustainability of the program and as part of continuing the overall capacity building in M&E, JU & TU-CGHE have together formed the Institute of Evaluation at Jimma University. This Institute seeks to increase the capacity of existing M&E professionals in Ethiopia as well as in East Africa by bringing both national and international experts together to provide unique M&E modules and create a platform for experience exchange by employing innovative adult learning methodologies.




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