Human Resource for Health Development (HRHD)

Tulane University Center for Global Health Equity has provided technical assistance to the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and its agencies in strengthening the human resources for health including for HIV/AIDS programs of the country.

Tulane Center for Global Health Equity was given the task to lead the development of a 20 years HRH Strategic plan by FMOH. TU-CGHE mobilized its own experts in the field, both nationally and internationally, to develop the country’s HRH strategic plan, the first of its kind in the country. This national HRH strategic plan was adopted and launch by FMOH.

Since the launch, in order to realize the outcome of the national HRH strategy, TU-CGHE has been working closely with the regulatory arm of the FMOH to develop the various HRH regulations, including facility standard regulation and health professional licensing. Moreover, it has been providing technical assistance to the HRH Directorate to develop a detailed operational plan of the national HRH Strategy.

With regards to the implementation of the national HRH strategy TU-CGHE has provided technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Development of HRH planning tools
  • Establishment of evidence based retention, motivation performance management and health care financing mechanisms
  • Development of HRH legal framework that guides and governs the ethics and practice of the health workforce
  • Development of innovative medical training curriculum
  • Review curricula for health professional training
  • Establishment of an effective registration and licensing processes to ensure that the needs of the health professionals and the health sector are met
  • Designing and introduction of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program
  • Development and deployment of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to Regional Bureaus, Zonal Health departments, and hospitals.


The TenacareeHMIS/PHEM is one of the national components of the holistic approach to modernize national health information system.

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Tulane CGHE designed and implemented the best Electronic Health Record System throughout the country.

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