State of the Art ICT Infrastructure

The center provides technical support to strengthen nationwide health information systems that includes IT infrastructure design, configuration, deployment and training.

The center is involved in researching and evaluating appropriate technologies for limited resource settings in order to bring equitable utilization of health information systems. Our activities span from establishing full EMR network at teaching hospitals to the deployment of local area and campus wide networks as well as learning resource centers and medical simulation laboratories. THe center has been responsible to deploy national and continental public health Emergency Operations Centers and situation rooms equipped with the state-of-the-art visualization screen matric paired with real-time video conferencing technologies including public health database and incidence management information systems.

TU-CGHE provides practical and lab based capacity building for IT staff at all levels in order to build local ownership of different electronic systems implemented in the health sector.


The TenacareeHMIS/PHEM is one of the national components of the holistic approach to modernize national health information system.

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Tulane CGHE designed and implemented the best Electronic Health Record System throughout the country.

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